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BUSA 4Ply REVERSIBLE & REUSABLE Cotton Face Mask Adult Mouth Covering Protection Built in Washable Filter Made in UK

Regular Price: £11.99

Special Price: £3.99

£ 3.99
Reversible Cotton - Leopard Skin or Full Black. 
One Day Wear Leopard Skin, Next Day Full Black. 
Re-usable, Washable Four Layers High-Quality Cotton fabric Face Mask with
    50GMS two Ply Polypropylene Filter.
The Ultimate in Face Mask.

The Important Stuff

Polypropylene Filter :


Hand wash in cold/warm water, line dry. Can be machine washed on low heat, launders best when sewn in between layers of stabilizing fabric such as cotton like in our masks.


Like other synthetic fibres nylon, acrylic and polyester ? polypropylene fibers are not attacked by bacteria or micro-organisms; they are also moth-proof and rot-proof and are inherently resistant to the growth of mildew and mold. 


Recyclable, ecologically friendly. Incinerates to trace ash with no hazardous volatiles.



The melting point of polypropylene is about 165°C with a maximum processing (softening) temperature of approximately 140°C. Prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures will cause degradation of the fiber, but anti-oxidants are incorporated in polypropylene fibers to protect them during processing and at normal service temperatures. Nevertheless, this temperature is sufficiently high to enable the fiber to be processed satisfactorily in almost all normal manufacturing processes. The lower softening temperature is of little consequence in service except that, when ironing, it is necessary to control the temperature so as not to exceed 120°C.


  • Nose Bar for comfort Fit and also seals under The chin.


This mask is designed as an extra barrier between your cough, sneeze, breath and other people. This is not for medical use or medical grade. PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS and SOCIAL DISTANCE TOO!

Never share your mask. Not recommended for those with breathing difficulties.

? Place the mask carefully, ensuring it covers the mouth and nose, and tie it securely to minimise any gaps between the face and the mask.

? Avoid touching the mask while wearing it.

? After removal or whenever a used mask is inadvertently touched, clean hands using an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water if hands are visibly dirty.

We Can Make Large orders if Required.

Contact Roland 07707700607

All Mask are shipped Using Royal Mail 1st Class

Regular Price: £11.99

Special Price: £3.99


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Brand Black Tab UK

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